Oliver Herdsman

Apr 242013

My bicycle is in pieces in the garage, I am in pieces on the bed…

The bicycle – A Kinesis XC130,which has served me well in training and races alike over the last year or so, has been decommissioned in favour of its bigger wheeled stable-mate, the FF29, due for build just as soon as I have the physical and mental capacity to wield a hex key.

The body – One week, one day on from the open repair of a recurrent Inguinal hernia, I’m tired after a short walk around the block.  It’s a set back, especially after the effort I put into riding all those base miles through the cold, bleak Autumn, Winter and Spring we’ve experienced, but not the end to my planned season of 6/12 hour racing and adventures.

And so as I am determined to give myself the rest I need, the time my body requires to recover, I have pledged to myself not to cycle for 3-4 weeks.  I am signed off sick from work, in fact I won’t return to my old job at all – two weeks prior to the operation I had handed in a letter giving four weeks notice of my intent to leave and so when I do return to work this coming Monday, it will be in a new shop, a new workshop with fresh challenges and a much more positive outlook.

The Plan

The Plan

In the meantime I plan… I plan the year of racing ahead, a limited but well considered selection of endurance events, all targeted towards helping me achieve my main goal for the year… I plan for the future, short term at least, in the hope that I never again find myself in the kind of situation I have been, where unhappiness and anger are all that there is space for in my mind.

Time will pass, as it does, and soon I will be out in the hills on my bicycle, the swelling and pain in my groin just a memory.  I’ve just got to hope that I can gather all the pieces together and  turn my plans into action.