Dec 152013


Stories by the fire…

What an idillic winter setting – snuggled under colourful knitted blankets next to the wood burner, reading short stories out load over the cracking and popping of the fire.

I love this scene, and it’s what we aim for in our little country stone cottage on the hill. However, with our cold empty fireplace and no time for knitting blankets, we are a long way off this setting. But we are patiently trying to hold onto our dream as we build it brick by brick as-and-when we can afford to in stages. We have a fireplace now at least!

This is life. I worked weekends/evenings all through my secondary school years in order to earn money. I enjoyed it. I was encouraged to save my money to buy something worthwhile – and not spend it on ‘tat’. Pound notes seemed to have a very distinctive smell in those days – I remember it well – as I used to play ‘banks’ and count out my savings, waiting until there was enough for the thing I really wanted.

This lesson to have less but go for quality (and keep it) has meant I’ve never wanted to ‘make do’ with a cheaper (or different) version. You see I don’t mind working hard and waiting for my dream to be realised. As long as there is progress…

These days it’s all too easy to borrow credit and not have to work or wait for financial things. In sport it’s still like old times: we have to work hard at our fitness, building on it, and be patient for the right time to ‘spend it’.

I’m very lucky to be coached 1:1 by a very knowledgeable and experienced coach. Whilst I have the accountancy skills for sums to know if I can afford to buy something, or when this will be likely, I certainly don’t have this understanding over my fitness. Rob, however, does. Which is very fortunate and reassuring.

This allows for very efficient training – no need to get into fitness debt and we can tailor training to peak for certain events. It’s magical. I feel like I can have the same control over my sport as I do with my finances, and therefore I do have some big cycling goals (big dreams) in mind that I’m working towards, brick by brick, as-and-when I can.

This year we built the fireplace. Next year we hope to get a wood burner. Perhaps the year after we’ll have the knitted blankets and some stories of sporting success to tell too. It’s all in progress.

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