Mar 202013


So, when your coach suggests “running an experiment on you”, naturally it makes you feel a little nervous. However, on hearing about this particular experiment I couldn’t help but agree to the opportunity… if it should work it would surely be the ultimate style of training, for me at least.

Welcome to the Minimalist Bike Training Experiment. Yes, the title says it all. In order for me to get faster on my bike, Rob has suggested that I should train less. It doesn’t jump out as being an experiment that very many athletes would be willing to risk, but with a 9 month old baby requiring pretty much constant attention, and trying to build my business back up following maternity leave, TIME is indeed something I don’t have much of to spare. This sounds like the training plan for me!

So, we’ve already started and what can I say other than I really look forward to my training sessions. They are short and snappy (all but one is 45 minutes or less) and totally achievable within my current life juggle. If anything I feel a bit too well rested to think I’m doing enough to get fitter, stronger and faster. But who am I to judge what positive training should feel like? Perhaps being fully recovered between sessions – and not over-working during sessions – is a far more sensible way of gaining improvements.

I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes, although I have a sneaky suspicion that once the weather improves I’ll want to spend longer on my bike outdoors. After all, cycling for me is about the feeling of freedom it brings and I simply put the turbo sessions down as a necessity to help me enjoy the outdoors experience even more.

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