Jul 102013

Time has been passing quite fast since the Highland Trail Race ended. A break from cycling and a return to the real world with new commitments and a new focus. A change from the pattern of wake; eat; ride bike, initially felt overwhelming but eventually settled.

Fat man in skinny clothes

The new pattern of wake; work; rest; mope about not riding bike, took over for a while. I felt like I was wasting my time working, not riding my bike, slowly getting fatter. Not fitter. The mind tries to play tricks with me every day. My summer kit is baggy on my torso, my special clothes that only come out when I am race fit fall down over my hips. Yet I look in the mirror and I see a fat man.

The link that the personal self and public self have with exercise always amazes me. I catch myself looking in the mirror and worry about not training and its effect on my body. Others look at me an worry about the effect training has had on my body.

Some time off has allowed me time to ride again. Breaking out the road wheels, riding up hills that should take more effort than they do. Taking to the dusty trails at high speed clocking new personal bests around the local trails show me my skills are sharper than my mind.

Normally I ride to relax. But I can’t. I’m itching to race again. Feel some pain in my legs. Taste the bottom of my lungs. I need to feel like a racer again.

3 races have been entered. Two short, one moderate. A plan is brewing for August. The Downs are calling again.

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