Apr 142013

…you’ve done something wrong.

And it’s a case of working out what before you do it again!


Rob’s method of coaching is very scientific; it’s heavily based on numbers and algorithms and quadrants and smart stuff like that, as well as personal intuition and understanding of the athlete. I don’t ask him to explain it as it’d require condensing over twenty years of experience and huge volumes of reading materials into something I might just about comprehend. I just know that what he tells me works, so, with the aid of a power meter I try to stick to it as best I can. First event this season was an enjoyable win (with a little prize money for Megan’s piggy bank) and I set a very comfortable PB on my second event. Proof that The Training Experiment has paid off.

But, when I repeated the local time trial last week and put out more watts and in better conditions, why did I get a slower time? Surely this should have been another PB?

Rob spent a good couple of hours analysing the race data from peak power outputs to air temperatures and declared it a “perfectly paced race – you must have had your head stuck up in the air”.

Simple as that. I threw away 10 seconds because I wasn’t concentrating enough on my position. I bothered to push myself harder but was too lazy to pull my neck in. It’s very frustrating to loose time like this.

So, now the quest is on to work on my position. With something like 70% of resistance coming from drag (and I believe this goes up exponentially with speed) it’s really worth getting this right. The next few events will be experimental. I can’t wait to see what sort of difference it makes.

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